Bridge Creek Culverts Inc

Culverts and Couplers

Culverts can be welded, bended and have different coating options and come in many thicknesses, diameters and lengths. Also available in HDPE (High Density Polyethlene) to keep it lightweight and corrosion resistant, and safe for potable water.


Such systems as Thrie-beam, W-beam and cable rail help keep vehicles on the road and avoid property damage when a vehicle loses control or is in an accident.


Geosynthetics include such things commonly known as silt fence, filter cloth, coconut matting and wattles. Assisting in the stabilization process with other products such as aggregates and gabion baskets.

Gabion Baskets

Fold up design allows for ease of shipping and handling. Placement of the baskets in different formations allows for versatile erosion controls that can withstand most of mother natures fury.

Rentals & Sales

Rentals of such equipment as light towers, packers, rock trucks or a campshack, we offer rentals of commonly used equipment to aid in installations of our products.

Sales of government grade, pressure treated, creosote and spruce lumber as well as the rock to get the job done.