Bridge Creek Culverts Inc


DID YOU KNOW? Culverts are used in water retention and drainage applications. CSP (Corrugated SteelPipe) can be welded or bended and can come in different diameters, lengths and thicknesses with several coating options available. Coupler styles, lids and water gates are also used to enhance the pipes versatility. HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipe is a light weight and versatile alternative and has great corrosion resistance and can be used for potable water.

Products such as woven or non-woven geotextiles often referred to as filter cloth help in soil retention or separation. It assists in stabilization and reinforcement of banks often with the use of aggregates. It helps to eliminate the need for so much rip-rap and prevents erosion along with products such as coconut matting, wattles, silt-fence, geogrids and gabions.

Keeping vehicles on the road when out of control or in an accident as well as preventing property damage makes use of systems such as the Thrie-beam or W-beam guardrails. Other systems are also available such as cable rail or pre-cast concrete curbs and concrete jersey barriers are used as they offer superior protection and separation of traffic and aid in keeping vehicles on their side of the road.

Wire mesh gabions are stood up, tied and filled with large rocks to create an incredibly durable erosion control able withstand frost heaves and flooding, and allow water to pass through without movement of the baskets. They can be placed end to end or stacked, depending on the scope of work. The fold up design of the galvanized wire mesh allows for easy transportation and handling.

Every application requires so much more than a few simple products to do a complete job and that is why we also offer rentals and sales of most commonly used products. Whether it as a bridge to get to location, or packers/plate tampers to install pipe and build road, campshacks to keep you there, light towers to light it up…we got you covered. We also offer sales of large dimensional lumber available in pressure treated, CCA or creosote coatings. All classes of aggregate available¬†for all your applications. Call for a complete list and pricing.

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